A year ago today, I started watching 365 new movies.  I meant to keep this blog as a visual representation of the films I discovered in 2012.  The reviews were more-the-less to keep track of my thoughts in the years to come.  I am by no means a true cinephile yet.  I never took a film class in college (my school didn’t offer them), I find it hard to sit through silent films, and my favorite films tend to be more modern or the ones that people find “cliché.”  But I do really love movies, and this challenge helped solidify this love even more.  

I discovered a lot of new favorite directors.. (Paul Thomas Anderson and Rian Johnson) and completed filmographies for many of them (David Fincher, Quentin Tarantino, Baz Lurhmann).  I watched films that I genuinely enjoyed considering I usually don’t like that kind of content (The Hurt Locker).  I received suggestions for lots of films I would have never tackled because I don’t know how I would have found them on my own (La Haine, Dancer in the Dark, The Skin I Live In).  Keeping this blog also let me meet a lot of great film fanatics and getting to know their interests as well. 

I have to say that I had a great time doing the 365 films challenge in 2012…and I hope to keep at it for 2013.  I do have a challenge in mind, which is lari-elassea's 222 movie challenge.  Here are the guidelines.  

  • 50 Favorite movies
  • 50 Animated movies
  • 50 Unseen movies
  • 50 Pretty movies
  • 22 Movies in theaters

The other option is missavagardner's 250 films challenge, but seeing as I’m not quite confident about being able to finish that one, I’ll probably save that one for 2014.  

Movies, films, pictures, whatever you want to call them…they have become a way of life now.  A thank you to my really amazing followers and Tumblr for giving me a way to share just how much films mean to me.  You are simply the best.  

Here’s a list of my favorites from this year, in alphabetical order.  :)  

Comments?  Suggestions?  Just want to say hi?  Feel free to send me a message.  Thank you all again for the support!  Let’s make 2013 a great one.  

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2011 was the year I became a self-proclaimed cinephile.

2012 was the year I watched 366 new films that I had never seen before.

2013 was the year I started the 222 movie challenge and began making gifs for my blog.

2014 is the year I created the 210 film challenge as a way to keep up a steady pace with film exploration.

Feel free to send me any movie suggestions! I'm always on the lookout for follower favorites.

Each month I change up the profile & sidebar pictures to a favorite film. Since I started making gifs, I thought I could be a bit more creative and add some visual interest month by month.

This month's film is The Croods

Endlessly Watching Films' Rating System

★ = hated it, waste of time
★★ = enjoyable parts but overall I would skip it
★★★ = enjoyed it and could give it another go
★★★★ = really liked it and would watch it multiple times
★★★★★ = loved it and it will go in my favorite films list