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While looking up Jason Schwartzman films on Netflix Instant I found this film.  It had Jason, Ben Stiller, and Anna Kendrick so I figured I could give it a shot.  Not going to lie it was an awkward film and not very entertaining.  Apparently before it came out people were expecting it to be very good and very Rushmore-like.  Unfortunately the movie was not well done and there are better movies with the same “don’t live in the past” type of feel.   Wouldn’t really suggest this movie to anyone, no matter how much you may like any of these lead actors.  

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2011 was the year I became a self-proclaimed cinephile.

2012 was the year I watched 366 new films that I had never seen before.

2013 was the year I started the 222 movie challenge and began making gifs for my blog.

2014 is the year I created the 210 film challenge as a way to keep up a steady pace with film exploration.

Feel free to send me any movie suggestions! I'm always on the lookout for follower favorites.

Each month I change up the profile & sidebar pictures to a favorite film. Since I started making gifs, I thought I could be a bit more creative and add some visual interest month by month.

This month's film is The Croods

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