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Hi all!  I wanted to apologize for my lack of movie watching this past month.  I am in the process of moving out of my parents’ place this week (yay for finally being an adult), and was quite busy with photo jobs and miscellaneous housekeeping prior to the move.  I have SOOO many movies queued up to watch including things I’m REALLY excited about like The Zero Theorem (Terry Gilliam), Millennium Actress (Satoshi Kon), Under the Skin (Jonathan Glazer), and Only Lovers Left Alive (Jim Jarmusch). As well as other I’ve heard conflicting opinions on such as Palo Alto, Transcendence, and Noah.  

I’ve also been applying for jobs like crazy as well as just stressing out about the money making-life in general which results in far less movie time that I would prefer.  I only have 1 more film to watch for the 222 movie challenge, and I will be doing that the first week of August for sure (as long as my internet gets set up at the new place ASAP) and then it’s off to start another film challenge.  I do much better blogging when there’s focus and goals.  

In other news, tomorrow is Guardians of the Galaxy day!!  I got tickets to see it at 7pm so I am ready to go see it NOW.  Like most of tumblr and the world, I’ve been eagerly awaiting this film since they first announced their cast list that included tons of my favorite people.  I have high hopes for this one since I was a big fan of James Gunn’s Slither in 2012 and how can one not love Chris Pratt?  Hope you guys are having a great July, and thank you for sticking by me even without all my usual write-ups!

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Hooked On A Feeling
Blue Swede · Guardians of the Galaxy Awesome Mix Vol. 1
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Hooked On A Feeling - Blue Swede


2001: A Space Odyssey dir. Stanley Kubrick


ANOTHER stellar image from Joey Spiotto’s solo show, opening THIS FRIDAY night, from 7-10 PM at G1988 (East)!!


ANOTHER stellar image from Joey Spiotto’s solo show, opening THIS FRIDAY night, from 7-10 PM at G1988 (East)!!


Erika Simmons’ ‘Ghost in the Machine’

Self-taught artist Erika Simmons has found a beautiful, fitting way to pay tribute to an old yet beloved form of technology. Check out her series “Ghost in the Machine”: 


30 Day Horror Movie Challenge
  • Day 11 - Favorite Horror/Comedy

Planet Terror (2007)



YOU DEMANDED IT! Check out the full-length official trailer for Dear White People before it hits theaters this weekend. 


Yes god!

"I’m going to be awesome at wielding weapons, driving fast cars and generally being bad-ass. I’ll be hanging out with Terminators and whatnots, introducing them to flat whites and generally chilling," — Emilia Clarke on playing Sarah Conner

2011 was the year I became a self-proclaimed cinephile.

2012 was the year I watched 366 new films that I had never seen before.

2013 was the year I started the 222 movie challenge and began making gifs for my blog.

2014 is the year I keep up my challenges and start tackling more filmographies and "classic films."

Feel free to send me any movie suggestions! I'm always on the lookout for follower favorites.

Each month I change up the profile & sidebar pictures to a favorite film. Since I started making gifs, I thought I could be a bit more creative and add some visual interest month by month.

This month's film is In the Mood for Love

Endlessly Watching Films' Rating System

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★★ = enjoyable parts but overall I would skip it
★★★ = enjoyed it and could give it another go
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★★★★★ = loved it and it will go in my favorite films list